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POST code listings of PC Analyzer
ACER ACER post codes
ALR see Phoenix
Ambra see Phoenix
AMI POST procedures
  BIOS 2.2x
  Old BIOS (AMI Plus BIOS) 08/15/88-04/08/90
  BIOS 04/09/90-02/01/91
  New BIOS 02/02/91-12/12/91
  New BIOS 06/06/92-08/08/93
  WinBIOS 12/15/93 Onwards
  EISA POST codes
Arche Arche post codes
AST see also Phoenix or Award
AT&T See Olivetti M24 for early 6300 series motherboards, and Phoenix for later ones with Intel motherboards. After 1991 see NCR .
Award Test Sequence v3.0 - v4.2
  Test Sequence after v4.2 (386/486)
  BIOS v3.0x
  BIOS v3.00 - v3.03 8/26/87
  BIOS 286 N3.03 Extensions
  XT 8088/86 BIOS v3.1
  Modular (386) BIOS v3.1
  Late Award BIOS (4.5x-non PnP , 4.5x PnP)
Chips and Technologies POST procedures and codes
Compaq Compaq gives POST codes both during system startup, and during boot if a run-time error
is encountered.
  General POST codes
  Video POST
  The run-time codes.
  286 Deskpro
  386 Deskpro
  486 DeskPro
Dell Dell post codes
DTK Symphony 486 BIOS POST procedures and codes
Eurosoft see Mylex/Eurosoft
Faraday A-Tease Faraday A-Tease post codes
Headstart see Philips
HP POST procedures and codes
IBM POST ports and procedures
  XT (Port 60) POST codes
  AT POST Codes
  PS/2 ( Micro Channel ) POST Codes
Landmark Landmark BIOS beeps are as IBM AT .
  XT Jumpstart
  AT Jumpstart
Magnavox see Philips
MR BIOS POST procedures and codes
Mylex/Eurosoft BIOS v4.71
NCR General
  3302, 3304, 3728, PC916SX
  PC916 5/6
Olivetti A general note
  Olivetti 1076, AT&T 6312, WGS 80286
  M21/M24 (AT&T 6300)
  EISA 2.01
  PS/2 Compatible
Packerd Bell see Phoenix
Philips General information on Philips and related computers, and POST codes
Phoenix General notes and POST procedures
  2.52 BNP XT
  BIOS Plus or v1.0
  UMC Chipset PCI
Quadtel 3.07: see Phoenix v3.07
  16K XT
Supersoft PC/XT/AT
Tandon Type A AT - 29 Feb 1988
  486 EISA - 10 Oct 1989
  Type B AT - 1992
Tandy see Phoenix
Wyse see Phoenix
Zenith POST procedures and general codes
  Orion 4.1E - 1992
  191 BIOS - 1992


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