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Dear Valued customers,
in order to cope with market demands Qiguan Electronics will be moving its production line to shenzhen. Our address and contact numbers are listed below for your convenience.
ADDRESS:Luo Gang Industrial Area,No.4 Zhongyuan Rd, Long Gang District, Luo gang village, Bu ji Town, Shenzhen city, Guang dong province, China
Tel: (86)-0755-89704465 Fax: (86) - 0755-89704465 Website: www.61131568.com
We would like to inform everyone to be careful of counterfeiter. Recently we have received numerous reports about fake companies pretending to be from our office. To make sure that you are doing business with the real company, we encourage you to call our office for inquiry immediately. Meanwhile, we advise all our customers to be careful when making payment. Only sent your payment to the below account details.
Qiguan Electronics official Paypal account: qiguaninc@gmail.com
Only buy the original Qiguan Electronics products, fake products will bring more harm to your business than the small amount u will save.
If unsure, do not hesitate to give our office a call or write us an email to qiguaninc@gmail.com. Our office is always ready to answer your enquiries. Thank you.
Qiguan Electronics was established in 1999, specializing in PC diagnostic and analyzers production. With a decade of continued progress and development our company now covers an area of 3,000 square meters, employing 300 staffs overall.

Our main products can diagnose computer problems at an accuracy of 100% so nothing gets by. Our cards can test the stability of a wide range of systems from old technologies to the new one.

Our products are patented (patent number: 03,126,857.9; Certificate No.: 208,776).

Our products are shipped and sold around the world. Our biggest clients comes from the USA, UK, Germany and France.

Brief history of our product development:
In 1998, we invented and produced the first diagnostic card with anti-insertion ISA slot which does not burn any component.
In 2001, we invented and produced the first two-slot diagnostic card with which PCI and ISA share the same resources. This product is patented.

In 2003, we invented and produced four digital diagnostic cards. This product is patented.
In 2008, we invented and produced new generation of diagnostic cards which can totally eliminate initial code. This product is patented.

In 2008, we invented and patented the only card which can see all the redundant and omitted codes. This product is patented.
In 2008, we invented and produced a new card which changed traditional repair concept by computer stability test card patent number. This product is patented.

We hope to establish long term and close cooperative relationships with our customers, and grow together based on mutual benefits and win-win model. We are your trusted and reliable manufacturer in China.


Name: PCI Diagnostic Card with LCD Display
Spec: MP2C-V2
Name: PCI Diagnostic test Card with LCD Display
Name: KQSW4
Spec: KQSW4
Name: KQCPI4
Spec: KQCPI4
Name: KQMET2
Spec: KQMET2
Name: KQMET6
Spec: KQMET6

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