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New Generation PC Diag Card
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PI2D New Generation PC Diagnostics Card

Qualities and Features:

1. No need to install software.

2. In addition to diagnostics of computer failures, PC diagnostic cards provide real-

    time monitoring to CPU running to help you rule out computer crashes and

    headaches that 
your computer sometimes is normal and sometimes is failed.

    Three models are available: manual monitoring, automatic monitoring or 


3. Thoroughly elimilated  "initial code".

4. The small LED display will show “no” when the CPU stops running suddunly    
    when it's power on or running (such as system got halted when playing     
    games, viewing the web pages or typing).

5. Unprecedented compatibility. SIS671 series, kind of advanced motherboards,

    are not compatible with old version PC Diagnostics cards (2-bit or even 4-bit),

    however, our "New Generation Diagnostics Cards", "Kingnostics Cards" and
    "Diagnostics & Stability-Test cards" are compatible with them as well.

6. Easy to operate. Manuals in more than 6 languages(only English version is
    available now, versions in other languages to be continued).

7. Never stop when the code goes to “26”.

8. Reflect the true opposite logic characteristic between PCI and ISA Reset light

Reset signal will go out after 30 seconds and ISA signal will light up

    constantly after 30 seconds).

9. Adopt large-scale IC which has compact structure-stable and reliable.

10. Support 80h, 84h and 300h port.

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